#1 Best Kid's Songs! CD

#1 Best Kid's Songs! CD
Item# LS-1900CD

Product Description

Our favorite songs are like a friendship that stays with us forever. So we asked our fans, “What are your favorite childhood songs?” and we received a bunch of great responses! Next, we recorded those suggestions with a splash of Learning Station upbeat fun, a dash of silly, a large dose of active movement and a generous amount of inspirational tunes. Grownups won’t be able to resist joining in with their kids for these lively dances, sing and play along activities, and tunes! Revisit old musical memories or create some new ones with this sparkling collection of our 15 special gems!

Part of The Learning Station’s campaign that supports, Healthy Music for a Child’s Heart, Body and Mind!

Includes booklet with lyrics and instructions.

Complete Track List:
Make New Friends
Nursery Rhyme Dance
Boom Chicka Boom
I Love the Mountains
Be Kind to Your Web Footed Friends
Fred the Moose
Ain’t it Great to be Crazy
Day O’ Time to Go Home
Go Bananas
Wishy Washy Washer Women
Baby Shark
Fill Your Bucket
Rockin’ My Hips
Stone Soup
We Got the Whole World