About Us

Wagon Wheel Records The history of Wagon Wheel Records traces back to Bob Ruff. Bob was a dedicated school teacher and square dance caller. Drawing on his extensive physical education background, Bob had seen students learn team sports such as volleyball, basketball, and softball in school and then use these activities for enjoyable recreational get-togethers with friends, relatives, and community groups.

His dream was to have boys and girls learn square dance correctly and enjoy the experience so that square dance could become as much a part of life as a group social as are volleyball, softball, and basketball games. To make his dream succeed, he produced a series of instructional square dance records that include The Fundamentals of Square Dancing Levels 1, 2, & 3 and the Square Dance Party Series For the New Dancer Series 1 & 2 (Now renamed Square Dance Now!) and started teaching teachers and students throughout the United States his Square Dance Dream. Bobís tutelage led him to another dedicated school teacher named Paul James whom has carried on Bobís dream.

Since 1991, Paul has continued the Wagon Wheel tradition with the popular square dance series now in CD format. He has provided staff development workshops to teachers throughout the country by teaching at national and state conferences, district workshops, and at school in-service days. During this time, Paul has expanded the music selection of CDís and DVDís by adding hundreds of titles in the areas of folk dance, country dance, movement, fitness, rhythms, games, parachute activities, jump rope, bean bags, aerobics, rhythm sticks, ball activities, motor skills, preschool, holidays, Spanish titles, and special needs to make Wagon Wheel Records the premier one stop shop for physical education teachers, classroom teachers, and recreation leaders.

Wagon Wheel is a major music source for teachers and is listed in college textbooks and organizations around the country. Wagon Wheel Records now distributes over 1000 different music titles to teachers and parents throughout the United States and prides itself on being your teacher specialist for great service and music.