Staff Development

This fun workshop is designed for K-12 classroom teachers, physical education teachers, and music teachers who with to heighten their students motivation by involving them in popular American Folk Dances and Multicultural Dances. The workshop will cover a variety of dances featuring "no partner, line, circle, and square dances. Paul James will take you through his success guaranteed step-by-step approach of learning dancs that are easy and fun and can be incorporated into your classroom the following morning. You will move grove and laugh while learning a variety of fun folk dances and their formations. A sequentialed, detailed step by step class that will motivte you to teach new dances today. This class is a great way of introducing or incorportating dance, movement, and rhythms into your classroom. A must for teachers and schools trying to improve their Physical Education, Music, and Fine Arts curriculum or dance festival. A wonderful team builder!

Session One of the workshop focuses on different folk dances such as Liza Jane, Steppin Out, Ballin the Jack, Patty Cake Polka, Jiffy Mixer, Popcorn, Shindig in the Barn, Jiffy Mixer,Teton Mountain Stomp, Oh Johnny, Big Sombrero Mixer, Trio Fun Mixer, Los Machetes, Pata Pata, Savila Se Bela Loza, Virginia Reel, D"Hammerschmiedgselln, Jingle Bell Mixer, and more.

Session Two of the workshop focuses on Square Dance. Using the best selling CD's The Fundamentals of Square Dancing Level 1 and Square Dance Now Volume 1 this workshop will teach our participants the 34 basic moves of square dancing and then progress to using singing calls to reinforce the movements learned throughout the course.

Staff Development Prices:

One to Two Hours $300.00

Half Day (Four Hours) $500.00