All Aboard For Learning CD

All Aboard For Learning CD
Item# MH-D70

Product Description

This Stephen Fite Cd is filled with fun learning and movement songs that cover a variety of skills such as numbers, days of the week in English/Spanish, opposites, five senses, compass directions and more. Includes lyrics and activity suggestions.

Song Titles:
1. Brain Train
2. Crazy Backwards Day
3. Tell Me What You Like
4. I've Been Working On The Railroad
5. My Seven Days
6. Criss Cross Applesauce
7. North, East, South & West
8. Alphabet Limbo
9. Number Limbo
10. Somebody's Having A Birthday
11. Your Five Senses
12. Put Some Peanut Butter On It
13. Twos, Fives & Tens
14. My Body's Always Movin'
15. Anything Limbo (Open Version)
16. North, East, South & West (Advanced Version)