Baby Games CD

Baby Games CD
Item# KIM9102CD

Product Description

Babies love to play! These games will not only be fun, but help develop early skills and encourage bonding. Lap games, exercise games, rocking and bouncing games to share are set to familiar children's songs. Guide with lyrics and activities.

AGES: 6wks to 1yr
ISBN-10: 0-937124-02-8

Song List
1. Snuggles
2. Feather Play
3. Arms High, Arms Low
4. Legs Up, Boo!
5. Ball Rocking
6. Big A, Little a, Bouncing B
7. Bathing in the Tub
8. Fluffy Towel
9. Say, Say Oh Baby
10. B-A-B-Y Cheer
11. Be My Shadow, Be My Echo
12. Toe to Ear Stretch
13. I'm Going to Get You
14. Pitty-Pat
15. Choo Choo Train Roll
16. Jack-in-the-Box
17. Mama Put My Jammies On
18. Hush Little Baby