Bean Bag and Ball Play

Bean Bag and Ball Play
Item# KIM9323CD

Product Description

By Michael Plunkett

Re-ignite classic bean bag and ball activities with a unique, upbeat combination of these popular favorites. Award-winning musician-educator, Michael Plunkett, once again brings all new, creative developmental fun and original cool tunes to an educational and entertaining action-time CD. Jam-packed with games using bean bags and a variety of balls, the activities focus on coordination, color identification, clapping, passing, tossing, rolling, creative play and much more. Perfect for Circle Time to Gym Class, there are countless things to do. Kids will love doing “The Bean Bag Freeze”, “The Big Ball Rock ‘N Roll” and other music and movement guided songs, as well as instrumentals to tap into their imaginations.

Songs included are: Roll It, Big Ball Game, Who's Got the Ball, Freeze Ball, Passing the Bean Bag, Bean Bag Crab Walk, Pass and Clap, The Balance Game, Toss the Bag, Bean Bag Endurance, Bean Bag Relay, Goodbye to You (Ball Cool Down), and three instrumentals.