Canciones De Animalitos Songs Of Little Creatures

Canciones De Animalitos Songs Of Little Creatures

Product Description

The Children's Classic Theme Bilingual Collection is made up of four CDs, each with 15 or 16 songs in Spanish. The CDs will include English translations where translations work and equivalent songs where translations do not work. Every song is singable, clever and catchy! These CDs are a must for every bilingual classroom as well as any classroom where native English speaking children are learning to speak Spanish.

Song List
1. Un elefante
2. Mi linda abejita
3. La cancon de los insectos
4. La araa chaquitita
5. Cinco patitos
6. Nadie me quiere
7. Diez Monitos
8. Mi zancudito
9. Tres tortugas tramposas
10. Cinco mariquitas
11. Aqu en mi jardn
12. Caballito
13. La feria de los animales
14. Las Mascotas de Emilia
15. El oso subi a la montaa
16. El cocaburra
17. Los ratones bailarines
18. El seor Don Gato

1. One Elephant
2. Baby Bumblebee
3. The Insect Song
4. Itsy Bitsy Spider
5. Five Little Ducks
6. Nobody Like Me
7. Ten Little Monkeys
8. My Pet Mosquito
9. Three Tricky Turtles
10. Five Little Ladybugs
11. All Around My Yard
12. Horsie
13. Animal Fair
14. Amelia's Pets
15. The Bear Went Over the Mountain
16. Kookaburra
17. Three White Mice
18. El Seor Don Gato