Canciones De Nuestra Tierra Songs Of Our Earth

Canciones De Nuestra Tierra Songs Of Our Earth

Product Description

The Children's Classic Theme Bilingual Collection is made up of four CDs, each with 15 or 16 songs in Spanish. The CDs will include English translations where translations work and equivalent songs where translations do not work. Every song is singable, clever and catchy! These CDs are a must for every bilingual classroom as well as any classroom where native English speaking children are learning to speak Spanish.

Song List
1. Señora Luna
2. Juan Manzanero
3. Lluvia, lluvia, vete ya
4. Vivan los campos
5. Allá en el mar
6. La cancíon del clima
7. Gota de rocío
8. Cuando el tiempo frío está
9. Estrellita de cristal
10. El invierno ya está aquí
11. La Tierra es nuestro hogar
12. El mundo está aquí, en nuestras manos
13. Y la hierba verde crecío, y crecío
14. El otoño ya llegó
15. Blancas campanitas
16. De Colores
17. ¡Que llueva, que lleuva!
18. Las semillas brotan

1. Mister Moon
2. Johnny Appleseed
3. Rain, Rain, Go Away
4. I Love the Mountains
5. Down by the Bay
6. The Wheather Song
7. Little Drop of Dew
8. When I'm Chilly
9. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
10. Winter Is Coming
11. Earth Is Our Home
12. We've Got the Whole World in Our Hands
13. The Green Grass Grew All Around
14. Falling Leaves Song
15. White Coral Bells
16. America the Beautiful
17. It's Raining
18. The Seeds Grow