Canciones Para Aprender Con Diversion Songs Of Learning Fun

Canciones Para Aprender Con Diversion Songs Of Learning Fun

Product Description

The Children's Classic Theme Bilingual Collection is made up of four CDs, each with 15 or 16 songs in Spanish. The CDs will include English translations where translations work and equivalent songs where translations do not work. Every song is singable, clever and catchy! These CDs are a must for every bilingual classroom as well as any classroom where native English speaking children are learning to speak Spanish.

Song List
1. La cancíon del abecedario
2. La cancíon de los colores
3. Los meses del año
4. La Cancíon de los opuestos
5. La hora de las rimas
6. ¿Me escuchan?
7. Pan con mermelada
8. A limpiar
9. El rap de las rimas infantiles
10. Bu-Bu-Burbujas
11. ¿Qué va siempre junto?
12. Esta es la banda de Miguel
13. Las llantas del bus
14. Si estamos todos juntos
15. Pasitos
16. Dedo pulgar
17. El cacharrito
18. ¡Al suelo y a rodar!
19. Buenos días
1. The Alphabet Song
2. The Color Song
3. Months of the Year
4. Sing a Song of Opposites
5. Rhyme Time
6. Are You Listening?
7. Bread and Jelly
8. Clean Up
9. Nursery Rhyme Rap
10. B-B-B-Bubbles
11. What Goes Together?
12. Old MacDonald Has a Band
13. The Wheels on the Bus
14. The More We Get Together
15. Put Your Little Foot
16. Where Is Thumbkin?
17. Little Hunk of Tin
18. Stop, Drop, and Roll
19. Good Morning to You