Choo Choo To The Zoo CD

Choo Choo To The Zoo CD
Item# KIM9187CD

Product Description

All aboard....follow the animal parade. This fanciful and fun CD is rich in opportunities for creative play and simple exercises, both so important for a young child. Children will be dancing elephants and three little bears; gliding swans and flapping-our-flippers seals; big balancing elephants and stretching and roaring lions; they can even be tree-topping giraffes saying hi to bouncing, branch-swinging monkeys! Then everyone will join the "fancy-dance" parade as they make their way home -- before waking up gently from all the dreamy fun.

AGES: 3 to 7
ISBN-10: 1-56346-139-0
ISBN-13: 978-1-5634-6139-2

Song List
Vocal and Music
1. Choo Choo to the Zoo
2. Dancing Animals - Giraffe ~ Bear ~ Penguin
3. Dancing Animals - Lion ~ Swan ~ Seals
4. Dancing Elephants
5. Monkey Bounce
6. Toes Up, Toes Down
7. Our Fancy Dance Parade
8. I Dance My Dream
Instrumental Selections
9. Choo Choo to the Zoo
10. Giraffe
11. Bear
12. Penguin
13. Lion
14. Swan
15. Seals
16. Dancing Elephants
17. Monkey Bounce
18. Toes Up, Toes Down
19. Our Fancy Dance Parade
20. I Dance My Dream