Christy Lane's Complete Guide to Party Dancing CD

Christy Lane's Complete Guide to Party Dancing CD
Item# 115CD

Product Description

The most requested collection of music for all your favorite party dances. Based on a nationwide survey of DJ's, dance instructors and PE teachers, this CD includes the Electric Slide, Hand Jive, Bunny Hop, Stroll, Twist, The Hustle, YMCA, Macarena, The Train, Cotton-Eyed-Joe, Chicken Dance and more! We rerecorded the original songs and digitalized them so that the song quality is excellent. Even the suggestive lyrics were removed so the music can be played in school settings. Geared towards kids and adults who want to be kids again.

Track Listings:
Electric Slide 2:58
Born to Hand Jive (Hand Jive) 3:05
Sing Sing Sing (Swing)
Bunny Hop 2:20
Stroll 2:37
Twist 2:11
The Hustle 2:58
YMCA 3:00
80's Dance Medley 2:18
Macarena 3:00
C'mon 'N Ride It (The Train) 2:25
Wild Wild West (Barn Dance Mixer) 2:27
Cotton-Eyed-Joe 3:13
Hot, Hot, Hot (Conga) 2:30
Limbo Rock (Limbo) 3:00
Chicken Dance 2:30
Hokey Pokey 3:00
Hands Up 3:03
Part Dance Beats 3:00
Party Closing Afternoon :30
Party Closing Morning :30