Christy Lane's Hip Hop Music for Teachers Volume 1

Christy Lane's Hip Hop Music for Teachers Volume 1
Item# CL108CD

Product Description

Hey Teachers! Check out this CD! We did the work for you! Finally a CD that contains a variety of hip hop music from krunk to techno to reggaeton to radio flavor. No need to spend time downloading looking for appropriate songs. This CD contains great hip hop music that will motivate your students to get up and dance! We extended the times of the songs and there are many instrumentals versions to choose from! (Not sold in stores).

Track Listing
Work Your Body 4:29 - Techno style high energy dance track.
The Bounce 3:41 - >Slow funky feel with big beats.
Came to Dance 2:23 - >Upbeat radio style dance track with catchy vocals.
Came to Dance 4:53 - >Instrumental extended version of track #3.
Old School Break 4:56 - >Old school and break dancing feel and tempo.
Step Into My World 4:01 - >A radio flavor with a party beat.
Step Into My World 3:58 - >Instrumental version of track #6.
Floor Shaker 4:47 - >Old flavor with a new twist.
Move to the Tempo 4:34 - >Medium fast and funky club flavor.
Clappin Groove 4:19 - >Electronic effects with a club feel.
Electronic Zone 4:27 - >Slow to medium electronic beat.