Christy Lane's Hip Hop Music for Teachers Volume 2

Christy Lane's Hip Hop Music for Teachers Volume 2
Item# CL109CD

Product Description

Twelve more great songs! Just like Vol. 1, this CD includes track listings, song descriptions, the beats per minute and the time length for your class or performance!

Track Listing:
Get Funky 4:09 - Fast classic Chicago rap/house with clean vocals.
Get Funky 5:31 - Instrumental extended version of track #1.
Urban Groove 3:37 - A rap beat with an urban groove.
Shake It Down 3:25 - West coast reggaeton.
Talk About It 3:57 - World R & B with strings and flutes.
The I-10 4:03 - Techno pounding groove and pumping bass.
Krunk & Krazy 4:04 - Krunk with a soul southern beat.
The Drip 3:00 - An upbeat, fun mix of drums and effects.
Wuz Up 3:46 - Freestyle rap rhythm with driving drums.
TLC 3:26 - East coast reggaeton.
Soul Glow 4:13 - Neo soul flavor gone pop.
LA Night 4:03 - Southern California feel good groove with soul.