Christy Lane's SPARK P.E. Program Grades 3-6 CD

Christy Lane's SPARK P.E. Program Grades 3-6 CD
Item# CLSP36

Product Description

If you teach physical education or movement to Grades 3-6, you will love this foolproof music CD! Christy Lane joined with SPARK ( to create this exciting CD that you can use for your dance unit, circuit activities and background music. With 17 exciting songs, this CD coordinates with the SPARK PE Program. This program was developed through research with San Diego State University and funded by the Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.

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William Tell Overture (Workout Music) 4:56
Rock & Roll Part II (30 Second Intervals) 6:50
Feel The Funk (60 Second Intervals) 10:55
Hot, Hot, Hot (California Strut) 2:34
Achy Breaky Heart (Achy Breaky Heart) 5:11
Electric Slide (Electric Slide) 3:02
5-6-7-8 (5-6-7-8) 3:23
Louisiana Saturday Night (Louisiana) 4:22
Wild, Wild, West (Jekyll Island Stomp) 2:25
Mambo #5 (Mambo #5) 3:19
Rocky Top (Rocky Top Tennessee) 3:22
80's Dance Medley (Whomp It Up) 3:22
American Folk Dance Medley (Virginia Reel) 5:33
Alunelul (Alunelul) 2:27
Cotton-Eyed Joe (Cotton-Eyed Joe) 3:18
Irish Jig Medley (Irish Jig) 3:18
Pata Pata (Pata Pata) 3:17