Christy Lane's Sports Music & Novelty Themes CD

Christy Lane's Sports Music & Novelty Themes CD
Item# CL136CD

Product Description

Over 50 of the best-known sport themes, marches, cheers and sound effects used by professional DJ’s throughout the country. From the “Rocky” theme to “Chariots of Fire” to the “Charge!” cheer, this CD can be used as a substitute for a school band, background music for any sporting event, PE activity class or a dance performance. These tracks sound EXACTLY like the originals! The best production quality you will ever hear! Recommended for all ages.

1. Charge! (organ)
2. Charge! (trumpet)
3. Motivator
4. Let's Go
5. One
6. Rock You
7. Na Na Hey Hey
8. Land of 1,000 Dances
9. Rock & Roll Part 2
10. Mission Impossible
11. Chariots of Fire
12. Sirius
13. Notre Dame Fight Song
14. Sweet Georgia Brown
15. Rocky
16. Take Me Out to the Ballgame
17. William Tell Overture
18. Washington Post March

19. 2001 Space Odyssey
20. 20th Century Fox
21. Olympic Theme
22. Carnival- Gladiators March
23. Circus- Over the Waves
24. Politics- Hail to the Chief
25. Military- Stars & Stripes Forever
26. Candy- The Candyman
27. Camp- Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda
28. Cruise- Gilligan's Island
29. Beauty- Miss America
30. Patriotic- Yankee Doodle Dandy
31. Royalty- Masterpiece Theatre
32. Desert- Fanfare for the Common Man
33. Strange- Twilight Zone
34. Scary- Jaws
35. Friends- Thank You For Being a Friend
36. Friends- As long as we've got each other
37. TV- Entertainment Tonight
38. Talent- Star Search Theme
39. Hawaiian- Aloha Oe
40. Surfing- Hawaii Five-O
41. Broadway- Lullaby of Broadway
42. Mardi Gras- When the Saints Come Marching In
43. Sneaky- Pink Panther Theme
44. Anticipation- Techno Entrance
45. Hip Hop- Techno Entrance

46. Siren
47. Bell
48. Buzzer
49. Gong
50. Laugh Track
51. Applause
52. Applause with Whistles
53. Rim Shot
54. Drum Roll
55. Drum Roll (Long)
56. Conga Noises
57. Ahhhhh
58. Wah Wah Wah
59. Shhhhhh