Christy Lane's Square Dancing Today Volume 1 CD

Christy Lane's Square Dancing Today Volume 1 CD
Item# CL124CD

Product Description

Welcome to Square Dancing today, where it is time to mix the old with the new! Now you can enjoy music from good ol’ fiddlin’ to high energy techno at the perfect tempo for your square dancing pleasure. A professional caller will tell you what dance moves to perform on the vocal versions of the listed songs. The same songs will exclude the lyrics giving you a chance to be a “caller” yourself! Includes 2 traditional songs and 3 contemporary songs that dancers will definitely enjoy! This CD totals ten complete songs with and without cues.

Track Listing:
Shake It Up - With Cues 3:02
Shake It Up - Instrumental 3:36
Two Times - With Cues 4:35
Two Times - Instrumental 6:03
Cotton Eyed Joe - With Cues 4:43
Cotton Eyed Joe - Instrumental 6:12
Techno Blue - With Cues 5:30
Techno Blue - Instrumental 5:57
What A Wonderful World - With Cues 3:43
What A Wonderful World - Instrumental 3:43

This is a CD-Rom which contains both the music and a guide on the disc. Just put it into your sound system to play music and then put it into your computer to print the Guide. Included is a brief history, how square dancing is different today, what to wear, terminology, positions, how to “call” a dance and more. Step-by-step calls and movements are written to five different songs. There is a section on variations, modifications and ideas for teaching different ages and ability levels. For ages 8 through adult. A companion to the Square Dancing Video.

Please note: This is a CD-rom. Place it in your sound system to play the music, then put it in your computer to print the Guide.