Christy Lane's Square Dancing Today Volume 3 CD

Christy Lane's Square Dancing Today Volume 3 CD
Item# CL129CD

Product Description

Square Dancing is performed to many different styles of music today. We listened to our customers' feedback and created another CD with lots of variety. If you want country, we have a modern country rocker or an older style called "Good Ol' Days". We added a disco song and a techno song and ended with a singing call "Moon Dance". We hope you enjoy this CD-Rom which includes the music AND the guide.

Track Listing:
Country Rocker - Cues
Country Rocker - Instrumental
Disco Boogie - Cues
Disco Boogie - Instrumental
Techno Twirls - Cues
Techno Twirls - Instrumental
Good Ol' Days - Cues
Good Ol' Days - Instrumental
Moon Dance - Cues
Moon Dance - Instrumental

Please note: This is a CD-rom. Place it in your sound system to play the music, then put it in your computer to print the Guide.