Christy Lane's Square Dancing Today Volume 3 DVD

Christy Lane's Square Dancing Today Volume 3 DVD
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Product Description

Did you know Square Dancing is an international form of dance? People are Square Dancing all over the world! So you can have fun mixing and matching the order of these international calls or join national dance instructor Pat Carnathan as he calls them for you! It's time to learn: Veer Family, Wheel and Deal Family, Double Pass Thru, Flutterwheel, Reverse Flutterwheel, Zoom, Sweep a Quarter, Touch 1/4, Hinge, Trade By, Circulate Family, and Ferris Wheel to these great new songs: Country Rocker * Disco Boogie * Techno Twirls * Good Ol' Days * Moon Dance.

Note: This DVD is a continuation of the Square Dancing Today Volume 2. It is important that you know the calls in Volume 1 & 2 before you learn Volume 3.