Christy Lane's Tinikling Today in the USA Package

Christy Lane's Tinikling Today in the USA Package
Item# CL126DVD

Product Description

This DVD, CD and Guide Package is the perfect resource to learn the traditional folk dance from the Philippines called Tinikling. Tinikling has become a popular fitness activity in school and with youth groups. It is performed by jumping and dancing over long poles to music. It is a fun and effective way to work the cardiovascular system while learning rhythm, balance, strength, and coordination. Today it is performed to contemporary and fun music! This DVD includes the basic techniques, skills and drills and 3 fun routines. The CD includes 3 different practice drum rhythms, 7 great songs with added drum accents (so you don't miss a beat) and a complete CD-Rom guide!

4/4 Practice Beats 130 bpm
4/4 Practice Beats 140 bpm
4/4 Practice Beats 150 bpm
You're a Grand Ol' Flag 130 bpm
Feel the Funk 134 bpm
Funky Feet 134 bpm
Steel Drum Rhythms 138 bpm
Techno Fu 142 bpm
William Tell Overture 152 bpm
Let's Surf! 164 bpm

Please note: This is a CD-rom. Place it in your sound system to play the music, then put it in your computer to print the Guide.

Meets the California Learning Resource Network review criteria.