Circle and Line Dances, Volume II CD

Circle and Line Dances, Volume II CD
Item# CD-33

Product Description

by Henry Buzz Glass

Buzz Glass knows that Circle and Line Dances appeal to all ages. His years of teaching experience and creative dance choreography insure that your students will enjoy these simple but imaginative routines. Each recording has verbal instructions, music with cues, music only, and written instructions.

Includes these songs:
Step 'N Stomp "Candy"
Foot Fancy "Java"
Pop The Weasel "Pop Goes The Weasel"
Circle Schottische "Butterfly Schottische"
Dutch Treat "Lonesome Mama Blues"
Star Shuffle "Everywhere Mixer"
Let's Cha Cha "Pixie"
The Mexican Jumping Bean "La Mosca"