Clap, Snap, and Tap CD

Clap, Snap, and Tap CD
Item# CD-48

Product Description

by Ambrose Braz Brazelton

Motor activities stimulate the sensorimotor growth of elementary school youngsters. These activities are geared for classrooms and need little space. Various types of music are utilized to motivate the students: finger snapping, rhythmic hand and arm movements, finger exercises, cooperative cross hand patting and various other exercises.

Includes these songs:
Hand Jive "Swingin' Gently"
Pound and Resound "King of the Road"
Waltz Tempo Patty Cake "Bluesette"
Marching Fingers "Girl from lpanema"
Happy Tappy Tips "Happy Wanderer"
Swingin' Gently
King of the Road
Girl from lpanema
Happy Wanderer