Come Dance By The Ocean CD

Come Dance By The Ocean CD
Item# CD-45014

Product Description

by Ella Jenkins

A wonderful collection of songs about caring for the environment and enjoying other cultures, languages, and places.

Includes these songs:
Come Dance By the Ocean
Let's Not Waste the Food We Eat
On a Holiday
A Winter Plane Ride
Chicago, It's the People
My Papa is a Paparazzo
Easy as ABC
Numbers and Alphabets
A Mouse Went A-Courting
Yes and No
Mon Petit
A Solution To Pollution
A Big Pig Sty
A Rock Hopper Penguin
Clean Pond Crossing
Little Charlie Just Off the Pickle Boat
You Can't Sink A Rainbow
On a Holiday
Harmonica Reminder (Yes and No)
Clean Up Week
Bye Bye Sea Birds
A Hump Back Whale
Environment Game