Country Western Dancin' CD

Country Western Dancin' CD
Item# CD-740

Product Description

by Henry Buzz Glass & Rosemary Hallum Ph.D.

Here's a great collection of the latest C&W dances that you can do even if you and your students haven't danced much before. The dances are fun, with an exciting variety. The recordings will be your "personal teacher" guiding you through three stages: 1- A Talk-Thru telling you what steps do. 2- A Cue-Thru calling out steps for you to do in time with the music. 3- Music Only when you are ready to do the dance by yourself.

Includes these songs:
Cotton-Eyed Joe "Cotton-Eyed Joe"
Cowboy Polka "Family Tradition"
Turkey Buzzard "Kentucky Turkey Buzzard"
Four Corners "You Never Can Tell"
Hound Dog "Hound Dog"
Montana Backstep "Pookie"
Roundup Time "Steel Guitar Rag"
Mini-Square Mixer "Workin' at the Carwash Blues"