Critters, Colors & Clouds CD

Critters, Colors & Clouds CD
Item# MM07-4

Product Description

Join Dr. Maggie and “The Explorers” as they sing about physical, earth and life science topics, five senses and body awareness. Includes songs about light, night, rainbows, bears, bees, trees, seas, seasons, safety, hearts, brains and rain.

Song Titles:
1. Introduction
2. Critters, Colors, And Clouds
3. Buzzin' Around
4. Caterpillar Capers
5. Seeds 'N Plants
6. The Flashlight Song
7. Shine Your Light On Me
8. Mixing Colors
9. Rainbows All Around
10. Air Is Everywhere
11. Sailor And The Sea
12. Water Forms
13. Charlie Over The Ocean
14. Take A Peek
15. Jump Back!
16. Heart Thumpin'
17. Sense-ational Me
18. "Sense-ing" My World
19. Five Brave Firefighters
20. Fire Safety Chant
21. In The Fall
22. Where Are The Bears?
23. Springtime's Here
24. In The Summer