Dances for Fun and Fitness

Dances for Fun and Fitness
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Product Description

A collection of fun and easy dances that can be taught immediately in your classroom, physical education class, recreation class, etc. The dances include a variety of formations such as single circle, double circle, lines, and trios. Your students will have fun and dance with a smile on their face while learning these 15 instrumental dances. All instrumentals with an 8 count beat to help your students be successful. A directional packet is included. Dances are:

1. Little Liza Jane 2. Steppin/Clappin Out 3. Ball and the Jack 4. Patty Cake Polka 5. Jiffy Mixer 6. Teton Mountain Stomp 7. Big Sombrero Mixer 8. Trio Fun Mixer 9. Shindig in the Barn 10. Popcorn 11. Los Machetes 12. Ve David 13. Alunelul 14. D'Hammerschmiedsg'selln 15. Jingle Bells Mixer