Developmental 1 Program w/Square Dancing

Developmental 1 Program w/Square Dancing
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Product Description

Simple Folk Dances - Children's Polka • How Do You Do My Partner • Dan. Dance of Greeting • Chimes of Dunkirk
Folk Dance Now - Yankee Doodle • The Hitch Hiker • Circassian Circle • Seven Steps • Shoo Fly
Folk Dance Fundamentals - How Do You Do My Parnter • Dance of Greeting • Jump Jim Jo • Carousel • Nigarepolska
Get A Good Start - Did You Ever See A Lassie • Looby Loo • Skip to My Loo
Folk Dances Near & Far - Seven Jumps
Dances For Little People - Ach Ja
We All Live Together V.2 - Muffin Man
Heel Toe Away We Go - Shortnin' Bread
20 Jukebox Party Fav - Hokey Pokey • Ballin the Jack
World of Fun Dances Vol. 1 - Turn the Glasses Over First Folk Dances - Jolly is the Miller

Square Dancing is available with each program. Two recordings recommended:
Fundamentals of Square Dancing Level 1 - Teaches 34 movements of Square Dancing
Square Dance Now - Compliments the Level 1 with different calls