Developmental 2 Program w/Square Dancing

Developmental 2 Program w/Square Dancing
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Product Description

Folk Dance Now - Pop Goes The Weasel • Re River Valley • Sicilian Circle • Patty Cake Polka • Bingo • Gustaf's Skoal
Folk Dances Near & Far - Pop Goes The Weasel • Bingo • Oh Susanna • La Raspa • Irish Washerwoman
World of Fun Dances Vol 2 - Grand March (Gailey Through the World) • Troika • Crested Hen
Folk Dance Fundamentals - Polly Wolly Doodle
Folk Dances for Beginners - Cshebogar • Greensleeves • Crested Hen
20 Juke Box Part Favorites - Bird Dance • Pata Pata • Troika
Multicultral Folk Dances Vol. 1 - Savila Se Bela Loza
Dances Around The World - Savila Se Bela Loza
Rhythmically Moving Vol. 3 - Ve David
Authentic Tinkikling Dances - Philippine Music and 5 basic dance steps
Contemporary Tinikling - Modified Music with a 4/4 beat
Rhythm Stick Fun - Lively music for rhythm stick routines
Simplified Rhytm Stick Fun - Fun and basic rhythm stick activies to develop motor skills

Square Dancing is available with each program. Two recordings recommended:
Fundamentals of Square Dancing Level 1 - Teaches 34 movements of Square Dancing
Square Dance Now - Compliments the Level 1 with different calls