Dr. Jean Sings Silly Songs CD

Dr. Jean Sings Silly Songs CD
Item# DJ-D01

Product Description

Dr. Jean Sings Silly Songs is the CD that started it all. Full of fun, singable tunes for the classroom, this recording will put a smile on your children’s faces and a song in their hearts.

Song Titles:
1. I Like You, There's No Doubt About It
2. The Alligator Count
3. The Cool Bear Hunt
4. Katalina Matalina
5. Over In The Meadow
6. Bringing Home A Baby Bumble Bee
7. I Wish I Had A Little Red Box
8. The Butterfly
9. Tiny Tim The Turtle
10. Twink A Link
11. Baby Fish
12. The Three Boppin Bears Rap
13. Hello, How Are You
14. La De Da De Da
15. Silly Willy
16. Pepperoni Pizza
17. The Beaver Call
18. The Bear Went Over The Mountain
19. Five Fish Swimming In The Sea
20. I Wish I Were
21. Bubblegum
22. The African Village Song
23. It Is Time To Say Good-Bye