Ella Jenkins And A Union Of Friends CD

Ella Jenkins And A Union Of Friends CD
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Product Description

by Ella Jenkins

Have fun picking and singing while educating young children about the concept of unions from marriages and groups of friends to teamsters and a nation of states. Unity and cooperation are the focus of this get together that includes contributors such as Pete Seeger, Bucky Halker and members of Ella's church. Story, song and rhyming games encourage children to sing and play along.

Includes these songs:
Miss Sue Just Joined the Union
Family Reunion/Skip to MY Lou
Mabel, Mabel, Mabel
Union Train/Train's A Comin'
Hallelujah, We Are Traveling
Keep Your Hand on the Plow
The Farmer Feeds Us All (The Farmer Is the Man)
Let My People Go
Going Down That Road Feeling Bad
In Unity There Is Strength/Stickin' to the Union (Union Maid)
What's Your Trade?
Hammer, Hammer, Hammer
A Singer of Folk Songs
If I Had a Hammer
Union Meeting
Speak Right Up
The Picket Line
Step by Step
Making Music Together
One Meat Ball
The More We Work Together
The Union Team
Which Side Are You On?
Sticking to the Union
Solidarity Forever
Circle of Friends
Sticking to the Union