Fun 'N' Friendly Songs CD

Fun 'N' Friendly Songs CD
Item# KIM9138CD

Product Description

These positive RONNO songs promote healthy values and attitudes. Includes "The Best Me," "Veggie Power," "I Will Be Your Friend," "Native Song," "Reduce It! Or Reuse It! Or Recycle It!," "This Heart, These Hands" and more. Guide with lyrics.

AGES: 4 to 8
ISBN: 1-56346-043-2

Song Title
1. The Best Me
2. Veggie Power
3. I Will Be Your Friend
4. Reduce It! Or Reuse It! Or Recycle It!
5. Catch that Lizard!
6. It's Alright!
7. What Would You
8. This Heart, These Hands
9. Maniac Manor (The Good Manners Song)
10. Native Song (North American Indian Song)