Get Funky CD

Get Funky CD
Item# LS-1300CD

Product Description

Get Funky and Musical Fun

Ages: 3 and up

Keeping bodies in motion and minds in action with movement songs that promote active participation, creative free expression, physical strength and development.

This funk-a-licious CD is jam packed with action, learning and musical fun. Included are 16 exciting songs, circle games, dances and activities. Concepts include following directions, left/right discrimination, listening skills, body identification, muscle development and coordination. Children will love these catchy melodies that are set to a contemporary beat and make education and exercise a funky musical blast! Featuring Get Funky (nicknamed "The Funky Monkey" by fans) the HIT dance tune that is ALL the rave. Runtime: 52:18

Includes 16 page booklet with lyrics, instructions and dance movements.

Complete Track List:
It's Showtime
Get Funky
Body Boogie
If You're Wearing Colors
Nutty Thumbkin
From Your Seat
Sad, Bad, Terrible Day
Have You Ever Seen a Lassie?
I Spy
Follow Me, I Am the Leader
Ants Go Marching
Say Cheese
Simon Says
Place Your Hands
Crab Walking