Get Ready To Square Dance CD

Get Ready To Square Dance CD
Item# CD-68

Product Description

by Jack Capon & Rosemary Hallum Ph.D.

Students learn the fundamentals of square dancing and the value of listening, following directions, cooperation, taking turns, and rhythmic response. These easy, pleasant songs and movement games only teach one or two basic calls at a time for gradual mastery, leading up to two simple, complete square dances.

Includes these songs:
Cotton-eyed Joe (Honor Your Partner)
Oh Belinda (Circle Left/Right, Into the Center/Back)
Turkey in the Straw (Swing Partner & Circle)
Shoo Fly (Into Center/Back, Swing Partner)
Irish Washerwoman (Promenade, Square Sets)
Comin 'Round the Mountain (Forward & Back, Swing)
Hinkey Dinkey (Do-Sa-Do, Promenade)
Captain Jinks (Allemande Left/Right, Star)
Hoedown (Spoken Calls)
Tie A Yellow Ribbon (Singing Calls)