Giddy Up & Learn CD

Giddy Up & Learn CD
Item# MH-D72

Product Description

Yeehaw! Itís time for a learniní round-up. This Stephen Fite CD offers songs with a country flair along with the usual up-beat rock and pop he is known for. The tunes focus on blends, consonants, vowels, money, rhyming, the water cycle, counting by twos and learning the alphabet forwards and backwards. Stephen also wrangled up some fun movement tunes including a cowboy line dance perfect for any classroom corral or hoe-down. Lyrics and Activity Suggestions included.

Song Titles:
1. Giddy Up & Learn
2. Stand Up, Sit Down
3. Stephen Says
4. Silly Little Song
5. Cowboy Countiní By Twos
6. Old MacDonaldís Blend Farm
7. Forwards & Backwards ABCís
8. Cowboy Shuffle
9. Beaver Call
10. The Okie Pokie
11. Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes
12. I Like To Sing Yippie-Ti-Yi-Ya
13. The Water Cycle
14. Sheíll Be Cominí Round The Mountain
15. Iíve Got A Penny, Nickel, Dime
16. Iíll Sing You A Cowboy Goodbye
17. Itís A Cowboy Goodbye

Tracks/Music Only
18. Silly Little Song
19. Old MacDonaldís Blend Farm
20. Forwards & Backwards ABCís
21. The Okie Pokie
22. Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes
23. I Like To Sing Yippie-Ti-Yi-Ya
24. Sheíll Be Cominí Round The Mountain