Going Green With Dr. Jean CD

Going Green With Dr. Jean CD
Item# DJ-D14

Product Description

What better way than music to instill responsibility and respect for our environment! As is the custom with Dr. Jean, a majority of the songs are sung to familiar tunes making it easy for you and your class to learn them. Many of the 20 tunes relate to state standards. The recording is packaged in an environmentally friendly CD sleeve.

Song Titles:
1. Feeling Fine
2. The Green Team
3. Turn It Off
4. What Will I Be When They Recycle Me?
5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,
6. Litter Patrol
7. Eat Green
8. Endangered Species A-Z
9. Earth Day
10. I Know A Scientist
11. Water Cycle
12. Basic Needs
13. Habitat Homes
14. Eight Great Planets
15. Continents Together
16. Oceans Clean and Blue
17. My Aunt Came Back
18. The Presidents
19. This Land Is Your Land
20. Arms Are For Hugging
21. Arms Are For Hugging (Music Only)