Havin' Fun & Feelin' Groovy CD

Havin' Fun & Feelin' Groovy CD
Item# MH-D66

Product Description

These fun and groovy songs will help kids feel good about learning their Months in English and Spanish, Days, Numbers, Colors, Weather and will even help them learn to play the Blues On Kazoo! Includes lyrics and activity suggestions.

Song Titles:
1. Welcome To School
2. Seven Days A Week
3. You Are My Sunshine
4. Blues On Kazoo
5. The Countdown
6. Twelve Months In A Year
7. Have Some Fun Today
8. Say The Number
9. Feelin' Groovy
10. What's The Weather Outside
11. Stand Up
12. Count On
13. School's Out, Let's Shout
14. See Ya Later Alligator
15. You've Got A Friend In Me