I Know The Colors In The Rainbow CD

I Know The Colors In The Rainbow CD
Item# CD-595

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by Ella Jenkins

In concert with a "rainbow" of children from the St. Vincent De Paul Center of Chicago, Ella creates a listening and participation recording that will introduce your children to voice tones, colors, instruments and their individual sounds, other languages, appreciation for other cultures, and a knowledge of farm-life chores. Children will love to accentuate the syllables, sing the tunes, and see the rainbow of fun-filled songs.

I Know the Colors of the Rainbow
It Won't Rain, It Won't Rain
Who Fed the Chickens
Bim Bom Bim Bom
Kaluba, Beat the Drum
In the People's Republic of China
A Train Ride to the Great Wall
I'm Singing A Solo
He's Playing A Solo - She's Playing a Solo
I Can Sing High Notes, I Can Sing Low Notes
Tumbalalaika, Play Balalaika
I Know a Poh-Leece Man
Chotto Matle, Kudasai