I Like Myself CD

I Like Myself CD
Item# KIM9311CD

Product Description

Songs About Feelings & Fun. Songs and activities targeted to young children promote physical, emotional and social development, and improve oral language skills. Children will create a more positive attitude about themselves by understanding their feelings and building their self image through clever songs, while improving relationships with others. CD includes action songs, games, creative play. Ideal for circle time and partner fun. Be My Friend, My Name, Oh, Im Angry and much more.

Song Title
1. I Like Myself (Positive Self-Image, Auditory & Visual Discrimination)
2. My NameÖ(Movement Exploration, Rhythms)
3. Everybody Should Be Somebody ( Positive Self Image; Creative Movement)
4. The Cat and The Mouse (Spatial Relationships, Sequencing, Circle Dance)
5. Itís Not Easy When Youíre Small (Emotional Development)
6. Oh, Iím Angry (Feelings, Creative Movement, Oral Language)
7. Draw A Circle (Sensory Motor Skills, Body Identification)
8. Be My Friend (Healthy Relationships, Partner Fun)
9. I Like My Myself (Instr)
10. My NameÖ (Instr)
11. Everybody Should Be Somebody (Instr)
12. The Cat and The Mouse (Instr)
13. Itís Not Easy When Youíre Small (Instr)
14. Oh, Iím Angry (Instr)
15. Draw A Circle (Instr)
16. Be My Friend (Instr)