Just For Fun CD

Just For Fun CD
Item# DJ-D10

Product Description

You'll discover that it's alright to have a good time as you learn with Dr. Jean. Count to 100 with the Zero The Hero Stomp. Reinforce sounds with Letter Tales. Develop vocabulary with We're Great. Motivate children with Read A Book. Plus, there are fun tunes that will get you moving, make you smile and remind you of What A Wonderful World it is.

Song Titles:
1. Kids Just Wanna Have Fun!
2. We're Great!
3. Alphabet Train
4. Letter Tales
5. The Vowel Family
6. Zero The Hero Number Stomp
7. Going Over The Sea
8. Dinosaur Boogie
9. Granny At The Fair
10. Miss Mary Mack
11. Yogi Bear
12. In The Woods There Was A Tree
13. A Sailor Went To Sea, Sea, Sea
14. Pizza Hut
15. Five Little Hotdogs
16. Read A Book
17. What A Wonderful World!