Kiss Your Brain CD

Kiss Your Brain CD
Item# DJ-D08

Product Description

Kiss your brain and sing and learn with Dr. Jean! Included are 24 songs that will develop phonological awareness, reading skills, as well as, math and science concepts. Lyrics are included.

Song Titles:
1. Kiss Your Brain
2. Twinkle Friends
3. Shake A Hand
4. Who Let The Letters Out?
5. Letter Aerobics
6. The Alphabet's In My Mouth
7. Bitty Bi Bo Bu
8. Vowel Cheer
9. When You Come To A Word You Don't Know
10. Singular And Plural
11. Verbs
12. Singing The World Wall
13. Spelling Numbers
14. Counting Cadence
15. Penny, Nickel, Dime
16. Insect's Body
17. Macarena Bones
18. The Water Cycle
19. Litter Patrol
20. Five Senses
21. Parts Of A Flower
22. Seasons
23. The World Family
24. We Had A Good Day