La Di Da, La Di Di, Dance With Me CD

La Di Da, La Di Di, Dance With Me CD
Item# LS-1400CD

Product Description

Dancing, dancing and more dancing! What a fun way to stay healthy and learn! La Di Da La Di Di will have everyone toe tapping, hand clapping, finger snapping, twisting and actively participating as they step and move and groove to these delightful dancing songs. So warm up your dancing feet and singing voices for this collection of 12 tunes set to a variety of contemporary jiving dance beats. Jam-packed with interactive partner dances, circle games and activities that encourage socialization skills, making friends and a positive self-image. Other concepts include following directions, listening skills, left/right discrimination, body identification, creative expression, rhyming and much, much more! Then relax to a closing song that will gently bring down your heart rate and make you smile.

Includes lyrics & movements. For school and home use. (Ages 3 & up) Runtime-41:11

Complete Track List:
La Di Da La Di Di
Slap Happy
Jump Up and Down
Scratch My Back
Friendship Dance
Letís Twist
Copy Cat
Animals Could Dance
Aye, Aye Captain
Goldilocks & the 3 Bears
New Chicken Dance
Relaxing Song