Christy Lane's Learn the Dances of the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's

Christy Lane's Learn the Dances of the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's

Product Description

All three videos now on one DVD disc!

Learn The Dances of the 50’s and 60’s! Put on your poodle skirt and roll up your jeans because swing is back and so are the dances of the 50’s! This DVD includes the national versions based on a nationwide survey of the most popular dances of the 50’s and 60’s. Learn the East Coast Swing, Stroll, Hand Jive, Bunny Hop and more. Then look “far-out” and “cool” in your bell bottoms doing the dances of the 60’s including the Twist, Jerk, Monkey, Pony, Swim, Mashed Potatoes, Skate, Shimmy and more! This three camera video was shot with the instructor’s back to the camera so the viewer can get the best view for learning the dances. These dances are fun to do whether you are a kid or an adult. With all the recent interest in the oldies, you can’t miss out learning these dances for your next party!

Learn the Dances of the 70’s! Welcome to the disco era! A time when everyone was feeling “groovy” in their polyester, platform shoes, and gold chains. Disco dancing is still “in”. On this video, Christy Lane shows you two of the most popular line dances of the 70’s, the Night Fever Line Dance and the Bus Stop. Also included are some solo dances and the ever popular partner dances, the Street Hustle and the Latin Hustle. Geared towards ages 11 through adults, this is a must for your video collection library.

Learn the Dances of the 80’s! Welcome to the 1980’s! The time when music television made its debut and compact discs were outselling vinyl records! Funky style dancing was the craze and it was fashionable to wear parachute pants, biker shorts or sweats. So whether you are practicing for an upcoming party or you just want to invite your friends over, get ready to look awesome doing the dances of the 80’s including the Running Man, Roger Rabbit, Robo Cop, Cabbage Patch, Moonwalk, Funky Twist, New Kids Move, Poppin’, Lockin’ and More!