Moo-ving Into Math CD

Moo-ving Into Math CD
Item# MM06-4

Product Description

You and your kids can sing and dramatize the tunes on this CD to teach counting, ordinal and cardinal numbers, adding and subtracting, position words, skip counting, fractions and more. Lyrics included.

Song Titles:
1. Introduction
2. Days Of The Week
3. Time Marches On
4. Counting Song
5. Making Numerals
6. Clock Rock
7. Monster's Shape Song
8. Where's Kitty?
9. Jump Like Jack!
10. Kite Song
11. My Snowmen
12. Puppy Rap 'N Rhyme
13. Count To The Beat!
14. Tennis Shoe Time
15. Count On!
16. Let's Measure
17. Seashell Sensation
18. Adding Game
19. Go, Turtle, Go!
20. Monkey Rap
21. Ten Sleepyheads Part 1 (addition)
22. Ten Sleepyheads Part 2 (subtraction)
23. Eating Fractions (fractions)
24. Counting Cows (10's to 100)