Multicultural Children's Songs CD

Multicultural Children's Songs CD
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Product Description

by Ella Jenkins

In this collection of 23 songs, children will hear new sounds and rhythms from all over. The songs were inspired by people worldwide and include selections from Ella's childhood on the South Side of Chicago.

Includes these songs:
The World Is Big, The World Is Small
Greetings In Many Languages
Counting In Swahili
Dulce, Dulce
Caney Mi Macaro
Dredle, Dredle, Dredle
Dance Tunes From Many Lands
Greetings in Arabic
Maori Chant
On Safari
Mexican Handclapping Song
In Trinidad
A Yodeling Song
Rabbi Teaches ABC's/ English ABC Song
Balloon Song
Play Your Instruments
May-ree Mack
We Are Native American Tribes
A Neighborhood is a Friendly Place