One Foot On, One Foot Off CD

One Foot On, One Foot Off CD
Item# KIM9196CD

Product Description

This multi-use collection of exercises are ideal for early childhood, special needs, basic gymnastics and beginning dance skills. Children learn balance skills slowly, correctly and safely. The exercises can also be done on the floor by marking it with tape or chalk. Children will develop agility, control, strength, coordination, body awareness, perceptual motor skills and rhythm. Repetitive practice will help children retain important balance skills.

AGES: 3 - 8 years
ISBN-10: 1-56346-149-8
ISBN-13: 978-1-5634-6149-1

Song List
Vocal & Music
1. One Foot On, One Foot Off, Slide
2. Walks
3. Knee Bends and Tiptoe
4. One Leg Around, 1/2 Turns, Leg Swing
5. Balance Poses, Stretches, Turns
6. Jump, Leap, Hop

Instrumental Selections
7. Easy Days
8. Day With A Pretty Girl
9. Boulevard A Nuit
10. Pink Cheeks
11. Quiet Eyes
12. Riding