Peek-A-Boo CD

Peek-A-Boo CD
Item# CD-645

Product Description

Imaginative lyrics reflect the experiences, challenges, and delights of the younger set, with toe-tapping rhythms families can enjoy together. You can sing, rock and sway, make animal sounds, play peek-a-boo, or ride an imaginary merry-go-round as you listen to the music.

Song Title:
Gettin' Up Time
Baby Songs Theme Song
Baby's First
My Mommy Comes Back
Don't Wash My Blanket
Lovey And Me
Piggy Toes
Daddy Be A Horsie
Teddy Bear Ball
Today I Took My Diapers Off
I Can Put My Clothes On By Myself
What a Miracle
Raggedy Rag Doll Friend
Teddy Bear
Just Fun
Finger Foods
Boogie Woogie Wash Rag Blues
Goodnight Story Time