Perceptual-Motor Rhythm Games CD

Perceptual-Motor Rhythm Games CD
Item# CD50

Product Description

by Jack Capon

These field-tested "learning through movement" activities encourage eye-hand, aural-motor, and visual motor coordination. They also develop body image, balance, laterality, directionality, and visual perception. Easy to introduce to your class, the activities do not require partners or constant teacher direction.

Song Title:
The Shoemaker (Shoemaker's Dance)
Rope Turning (Wheels)
Isolations #1 (Miss Frenchy Brown)
Isolations #2 (Music Only)
The Bouncer (Hey Look Me Over)
Move Like A Machine (Electronic)
Raindrops/Ball Activites (Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head)
Clap and Shake #1 (Ballin' The Jack) with voice cues
Clap and Shake #2 (Music Only)
Mirror Image (Love is Blue)
Seven Jumps
Marching Fun (Let It Be) with voice cues