Physical Ed CD

Physical Ed CD
Item# LS-1100

Product Description

Movement and Locomotor Activities! (Ages 3-10) Runtime-55:21

Let's get physical! The Learning Station invites you to join them for this healthy collection of 16 fun fitness songs, group games and activities all designed to develop balance, locomotion skills (walk, hop, skip, jump, run, gallop and leap), physical strength and coordination. Also teaches left/right discrimination, following directions and listening skills. There's nothing like a jolt of up-beat jamming tunes to get children exercising, moving and grooving! Nutritional music for a child's heart, body and mind.

Complete Track List:
Stomp and Clap
Side Slide
Monkey In The Middle
The Marching Game
Physical Ed
Raise The Ceiling
Give Me Ten
Stir It Up
Twelve Days Of Gym Class
Musical Hula Hoops
Can You Keep Your Balance
Ba Ba Bones
Run And Walk
Jumpin Jacks