Play to Rest CD

Play to Rest CD
Item# LS-3000

Product Description

(Ages 2 & up; rest music is appropriate for all ages) Runtime-44:23

From clean-up to quiet time songs. Cleaning your room and preparing to rest becomes a fun positive experience with this inviting arrangement of songs and transitional activities. Children will sing-a-long as they put away their toys, shake out their wiggles, visit the fascinating land of daydreams and then relax to a collage of melodic rest tunes.

Featuring I Got the Wiggles, Clean Up is Fun, Daydreams and more. Lyrics included.

Complete Track List:
Clean Up is Fun
I Got the Wiggles
Cuddle up with My Teddy Bear
Lullaby Rock
Pillow Talk
I hear the Raindrops
Mystical Magical
Lullaby Collage
Forty Winks
Rainy Day
Puffy Clouds
Tiny Star
Relax with Me