Reading Clues Blues CD

Reading Clues Blues CD
Item# MM05-2

Product Description

Songs written to help your students learn letters and sounds, rhyming and blending words, vowel patterns, multi-syllable wordsand more. Lyrics included.

Song Titles:
1. Peanut Butter Boogie Blues (reading fun)
2. Ranch Hand Blues (letters/sounds)
3. Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum (rhyme)
4. Clap & Blend (blending)
5. CAP Song R&B (print concepts)
6. Silly-OH! (alliteration)
7. Skip To My Darlin' (blends/digraphs)
8. Bayside Blues (word families)
9. Word Hunt Rap (sight words)
10. Talkin' Way Down South (text rewrite)
11. The CVC Blues (closed vowel pattern)
12. Quiet Magic E (silent e pattern)
13. Vowels Free To Be (open vowel pattern)
14. Walkin' Talkin' Blues (vowel digraphs)
15. The Boo Boo Blues (diphthongs)
16. Bossy R Rules! (r-controlled words)
17. INVENTion Convention (structural analysis)
18. Spell-the-Word Blues (word analysis)
19. Read-to-the-Beat 1 (oral fluency)
20. Read-to-the-Beat 2 (oral fluency)
21. Story Rap (story elements)