Rhythm Band For Little People CD

Rhythm Band For Little People CD
Item# KIM0840CD

Product Description

Children read and follow symbols on charts while playing their instruments. Enhance visual and auditory perception and encourage counting skills. Slow and Fast tempos. Includes a manual and 16 posters.

AGES: 5 to 10
ISBN-10: 9-993373-59-1

Song List
Rhythm Instruments & Piano
1. Let's Ride in a Car
2. Let's Swing on a Swing
3. Let's Hammer
4. Fun on the Farm
5. The Scary Night
6. The Cat and the Mouse
7. The Quacking Ducks
8. The March of the Dogs
9. The Dancing Bears
10. The Musical Seals
11. The Rain Storm

Piano Only
12 - 20. Same as Above

Optional Songs
21. Wave the Flag
22. On the Trapeze
23. The Funny Clowns
24. Monkey Fun